Jamaica : delivery worker, get up for your right !

Get up stand up, get up for your rights ! Dozens of delivery workers in Jamaica went on strike last Valentine’s Day, calling for higher pay and other changes to their working conditions 🚴🏿 Drivers planned day-long strikes in Kingston. “They must improve the minimum pay” ✊🏿 “It’s not enough for survival in this country” • Leer más »

«General principles and means of struggle of the American Continental Association of Workers (ACAT-AIT)»

This is an excerpt from the declarations of the American Continental Association of Workers IWA-AIT from 1929. It consists of the principles and tactics adopted by the constitutive organizations drawn from Latin America at that time, and is translated into English [by] SN Nappalos.» American Continental Association of Workers (ACAT) Agreements and Resolutions of the • Leer más »

Primer Congreso Nacional de la ULET-AIT

COMUNICADO A LA OPINIÓN PÚBLICA En el pasado mes de enero de 2024 , la Unión Libertaria Estudiantil y del Trabajo (ULET), afiliada a la Asociación Internacional de los Trabajadores (AIT-IWA), llevó a cabo su primer Congreso Nacional con la participación de sindicatos de Huila, Cundinamarca, y dando la bienvenida a compañeros y compañeras del • Leer más »