«General principles and means of struggle of the American Continental Association of Workers (ACAT-AIT)»

This is an excerpt from the declarations of the American Continental Association of Workers IWA-AIT from 1929. It consists of the principles and tactics adopted by the constitutive organizations drawn from Latin America at that time, and is translated into English [by] SN Nappalos.» American Continental Association of Workers (ACAT) Agreements and Resolutions of the • Leer más »

Anarchist Social Organization

By Scott Nappalos (published in Ideas and Actions, WSA-AIT periodical, November 2017) The rise of the right and the incapacity of the institutional left to offer an alternative is pressing the crucial question for our time: what is our strategy in pre-revolutionary times? The revolutionary left is fixated on the ruptures and revolutions of history, and • Leer más »

The Resistance to Capitalism (Emilio López Arango)

This is the translation by SN Nappalos of the first chapter of an essay in an out of  print text by Emilio Lopez Arango, one of the premier theorists of the FORA up through the 20s when he was assasinated. —- The Resistance to Capitalism by Emilio Lopez Arango The workers movement is determined by • Leer más »

What is a Resistance Society? (2014)

Resistance Societies are not well known in the English speaking world, though they were among the most important building blocks and experiences in South American anarchism; arguably in its time the largest and most well developed anarchist movement in the World. The history of Resistance Societies draws from 1st International days when unions and sharp • Leer más »

Syndicalism and Anarchism (Emilio López Arango)

This piece has a number of intriguing ideas that were circulating in the FORA. One element is the rejection of the traditional understanding of the union, including the label of anarchosyndicalism. The FORA never took on the industrialist structure of a union, favoring instead a different path with it’s resistance societies. Likewise we see the • Leer más »