CHILE : Some news from Germinal Anarchist Group (2019-12-04). «I just know it’s not Marx. It’s more like Bakunin. «

Dear companions,
[After one month of harsh struggle] here in Concepción we have not yet had detained companions, or prisoners, even if some have been wounded with pellets in the first weeks of struggle.

Here a strong presence has been maintained in the street and also in some neighborhoods organizing or participating in self-convened assemblies, where the way of organizing has been very interesting, very anarchist style. It has been possible to maintain a strong fight until today December 3 without lowering our arms, everywhere in the same way, this in Santiago, Valparaiso, Iquique, Tocopilla, Puerto monte, that is to say in almost the entire national territory.

I send you a text, which we sent at the beginning of the popular uprising and which is still very valid. Especially today, that the government has pointed out that the enemies that started the fires, looting and that today maintain the streets taken are the Anarchists, therefore, they seek to initiate a repressive campaign against groups and individuals.

Germinal Anarchist Group,

Popular assembly in Temuco
Popular assembly in Santiago neighborhoods

CHILE : « I just know it’s not Marx. It’s more like Bakunin. »

Today is the time of organizations, collectives, hoods and horizontality. The government, didn’t  understand that this is a struggle that began long before the return to democracy, since it was a struggle by which we all stand up, pobladores (small poor family farmers), students, workers, stay-at-home mom and dad, children and young people who wanted a new Social Contract that would include everyone.

But in the end, we obtained, a social pact at the level of political parties, which did not include anyone but themselves. Moreover, they have been legislating agreements that have benefited them and through them to the great fortunes of Chile. We already said it at the end of the 80s, that what was born was a partitocracy, since the only way that is observed and allowed to represent or be a representative is through political parties.

In the 90s, a new way of connecting and acting was devised, which questions the authoritarian and exclusive structure of traditional organizations. However, with practices brought from the 80’s, organizations have been built that have slowly been co-opted and impregnated with authoritarianism and untrue leadership (This doesn’t mean that a “true” leadership could exist or be acceptable). However, there are still organizations whose objective is still the inclusive Social Contract, and it is these who manifest themselves without leaders, without representative and manage to permeate the entire society, which slowly discovers its strength and its solidarity of struggle.

This fight in almost 4 weeks has managed to make visible in an active and alarming way the most urgent demands, which have nothing to do with the $ 30 metro ticket’s price, but much more with the looters who are returning the stolen goods to the people, or with the case of the dry rivers, with many people unable to feed their animals or maintain their crops, while a single “señor” can keeps many hectares very well watered. Today, as well as those rivers that return to their flow, the people as a whole, through social and popular organizations, far from parties that have been for many decades directors of the struggles, have also begun to walk in a way of self-representation, taking action and speaking by them selves, pointing to the profound changes that question this model of radical capitalism.
As anarchists, we see that this manifestation of protest has managed to generate a paradigm shift in the social struggle, has maintained a revolt attacking economic symbols that are the support of this system, no longer in crisis, but definitely in defeat, in the same way that the liberals refer to the socialism of Venezuela as a system that does not give answers, in the same way Chilean liberalism, also does not respond, since it is built on an ideological illusion imposed by weapons and maintained by individual indebtedness.

The people and the horizontal and affinity organizations, have managed to stay in the street with and despite the army militias, far from diminishing the demonstrations, they have increased, with many people who have joined against the police repression.

We think that parallel to the maintenance of the barricades and the protest in the city centers, it is necessary to move forward in activating and organizing popular, real assemblies, and defining strategies and approaches for struggle through dialogues, with territories liberated from repression and of state power. A sheet [road map ?] for a  “Chile Minimo” with which we advance to a new restructuring of society: more supportive, more active and combative.




Germinal Anarchist Group

Concepcion Chile

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