COLOMBIA: Abolish the State ! Set-up autonomous assemblies !

Today, we, different anarchist groups, collectives and organizations, publicly manifest ourselves against the tax reform’s hikes on essential subsistence goods. But not only because we consider the reform as an organized robbery into the pockets of the working class, peasants, service workers, self-employed and freelancers. But also, we make evident the failure that constitutes this Uribist government of Iván Duque and the disaster that is the whole state apparatus of this country. Which has tried to hide with public works, laws, decrees, media propaganda and cheap nationalism, the organized robbery that it really is over the totality of the people of this region of the continent.

Taxes – that Duque falsely talked about reducing, regardless of the president in office, were, are and will be the same a general theft from the people, since they have guaranteed, through the clientelist mafia, the access to power to no more than 20 families throughout the country. 20 families who have corruptly enriched themselves and continue to exercise power in the territories -many times- through the use of arms, whether legal or illegal. And also benefiting from legal and black market rents, -understood as- drug trafficking, smuggling, human trafficking, land fattening, dispossession of land from peasants and illegal mining.

How can they expect the people to continue to believe in the state, if the same government that controls it, acts systematically against them?

The handling of the pandemic is disastrous, not only the duquismo  made the covax option fall apart when it could have ensured the supply of vaccines for Colombia. But they also dare to do business with the health care of the people, at the expense of the taxes that they steal from the workers.

The pressure on health workers, the over-exploitation they suffer day by day, is not exclusive. The teachers have also been deeply affected, not to mention all the people, who with their sweat, tears and effort sustain a state that takes more than it really gives back to them.

The war, which is maintained in the territories, has been continued because of political decisions against the people. The same people who continue to pay its toll in deaths, and continue to suffer the abuse of the state, the repression of the security forces that only serve to maintain the privileges of those who control the political and/or economic power. From the unfulfilled promises that have led to the beginning of a new cycle of violence, the betrayal of agreements that sowed hope in the population of Colombia . At the end, they decided to harvest a fire fueled with gasoline.

For all this, and much more, is that we, the anarchists, express ourselves in resounding opposition to the simple actions, which is only to make a parade along the 7th avenue of Bogota. Instead, we call for an indefinite General Strike, that leads to move the status quo for the benefit of the people: from its local oligarchs and bourgeois minorities, to the wide, long, broad and diverse peoples that make up the majority of the population in of the population in the Colombian region.

Recovering the municipal autonomies, the collectivization of the territory among those who inhabit it ancestrally or traditionally, and the ancestral or traditional inhabitants (not among those who, by usurpation, dispossession and displacement, obtained it), exercising assembly, communalism and horizontality, all decisions collectively, an open, participatory, diverse and permanent assembly, rejecting any authority, caudillism, gamonalism, patronalism and patriarchy.

It is not necessary for the state controlled by the elite to decree the AGRARIAN REFORM, its the communities, towns and municipalities themselves, who can do it without intermediaries, they only need to agree to an assembly and start it.

¡¡¡Abolish the relations of subordination to the narco-oligarchic state!!!!

¡¡¡End of passive activity, it is time to go out to the streets!!!

¡¡¡Obstruct the exercise of repression!!!!!

¡¡¡Build autonomous neighborhood and municipal assemblies!!!!

¡¡¡¡Abolish the machist relations and patriarchal oppression: diverse participation and gender equality, agreements of renouncing the war!!! ¡¡¡¡Unarmed civil disobedience!!!!

Avoid the tax reform, avoid pension reform, avoid labor reform.

¡¡¡¡Abolish the state!!!
¡¡¡Set-up Assemblies!!!!


Colectix Kaos Kreador Antifacista
Bandera Negra

Original in spanish : COLOMBIA : Abolir el Estado, Constituir las asambleas

In French : Abolir l’Etat, constituer les Assemblées autonomes !

In Portuguese : Colombia : Abolir o Estado, Constituir as Assembleias!

In German : Schafft den Staat ab! Bildet autonome Versammlungen!

In Farsi (Iran) : کلمبیا: نابودی دولت، استقرار مجامع عمومی

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