COLOMBIA: Military police organize manhunts against protesters!

In Colombia, the police organize manhunts against demonstrators who have been protesting for several days against the proposed tax reform that will penalize the working classes.President Ivan DUQUE has initiated a new tax reform, unanimously rejected by the Colombian population, academics, associations or unions. Even the ruling party and its allies have criticized the reform project !!!

«It’s incredible, we are in the middle of the COVID crisis» and the government decides «to carry out a tax reform (which) further impoverishes the people«, lamented to AFP Julian Naranjo, an environmental official, during the demonstration in Bogota.

Even though the president was forced to withdraw the project under pressure from the streets, social anger continues to be expressed, and the police continue their massacre.

For the past week, there have been at least 30 dead, more than 1,000 injured, at least 20 rapes committed by the security forces, more than 800 arrests.»It’s not just about withdrawing from reform, (it’s) the icing on the cake. The whole management of the pandemic and everything that happened with this government blew up in our faces (…) we are against all the policies of this government «, testified Maria Teresa Flores, 27, on

The police organize a real manhunt against the demonstrators. According to our ULET-AIT compañeros who participate in the protest movement, at the assembly points, the police remove the street lights and when it gets dark they start shooting at people passing by. Many people were victims of police violence when they returned home.The army and police also shot at people during the protest with guns. There are dead, injured and women who have been raped.

In addition to this, demonstrators are taken without knowing the destination in cars believed to be of the military forces. (in Colombia the Ministry of Defense supervises the police). these extrajudicial actions awaken terrible memories in a country traumatized by years of dirty war.T

he ULET-AIT companions ask that this information be disseminated as widely as possible, so that President DUQUE cannot act with impunity at the international level.

To send protest messages (without insults or threats please, which could then be used against protesters).

IN THE UNITED STATES : Consulate General of Colombia in New YorkEast 46th Street New York, NY, 10017 Local phone: (212) 798 90 00 Fax: (212) 972 17 25

Translation : Mike HARRIS

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