The International Workers Association I.W.A: Its policy, it aims, its principles

An IWA-AIT position paper from 1933 addressing its principles, positions, and speaking to relations with the IWW.

This text was kindly scanned and donated by the Workers Solidarity Alliance New York Local’s library for libcom. It was written by the IWA to the IWW in large part, as a discussion was taking place both within the IWW and more broadly about the possibility of affiliation. The IWA takes on arguments against the IWW affiliating as an international and an industrial union. Additionally the basic tenets of the IWA and it’s positions are layed out. It was published in 3 parts in the IWW’s internal General Organizational Bulletin.

Previously clandestine agents working under the direction of Moscow were spreading rumors and misinformation about the IWA within the IWW, before being discovered and removed. The Chilean IWW affiliated with the IWA, and the powerful Marine Transport Union (MTWIU) of the IWW would also affiliate in the 1930s. The US-IWW never did, having voted once for affiliation but failing to capture a majority upon a second vote when questions around the religious neutrality of the IWW was raised amongst the membership (interestingly not around the abolition of the State). This piece shows a section of that history from the IWA’s perspective, and issues perhaps that continue to be debated today amongst revolutionary unionists and anarchosyndicalists.

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